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All problems of life can be easily solved with the help of you by just changing your thinking process ad taking supplements, exercising using EUSTRESS KIT. We will strengthen, guide, direct, suggest you, to the right place where your life problems can be solved at psychological and physiological level. Turn your stress to EUSTRESS. We will help you to convert stress to eustress , Please fill up our questionnaire and get our feedback and join the EUSTRESS COMMUNITY and spred the power of EUSTRESSING.


What is Desserts - B?

New improved Desserts-B is a vital essential vitamin supplement at the time of stress. During Stress lot of vitamin gets depleted and supplementing them orally is beneficial. Globally there is an increased awareness about the use of vitamin supplements. DESSERTS –B CONTAINS 10 VITAMIN FOUR MINERALS BESIDES BIOTIN, DHA, ELCOSAPENTAENOIC ACID, ALPHA LIPOIACID, BETACARATONE etc., for more information on stress please read our e-brochure.

What is Chewberry

Chewberry is a vitamin C tablets obtained from amla in natural form and made as tablets. It is a good source of Vitamin C and can improve immunity and beneficial in many ailments. please read our e-brochure.

Do I need a Prescription to buy Chewberry and Desserts-B?
No. You do not need a prescription to buy
How can I buy?
You can place your order online and it will be delivered within Three working days and you have the option to choose your payment like cash on delivery, online transfer, cheque etc.,

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